T h e   B a r d   o f   H e n l e y   C o m p a n y   L i m i t e d

I N D E P E N D E N T   A U T H O R  - P U B L I S H E R 

  B O O K S

  S C R I P T S

P U B  L I S H I N G

 S H O P

 C O N T A C T

H E N L E Y  L O C A L  E L E C T I O N S  2 0 1 9 

  H o m e  P A G E

B O O K    G A L L E R Y​

Henley in Arden -
A Splodge in the Arden Forest 
An amusing lighthearted history of Henley in Arden, illustrated throughout by Colin Fisher. Amusing anecdotes about local characters, starting with the Norman Conquest and ending with  BREXIT.  Available on this site or visit Dukes Stationers, High Street, Henley in Arden.




Churchill's Boomers​​
An amusing autobiography of Ray's life in Selly Oak Birmingham during the fifties. Capturing all of the innocent pursuits that distracted children from the darker memories of WW2. Illustrated throughout by Colin Fisher. This book is also available online with Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles and other good booksellers as well as this site.




Dot on the Landscape
A new heartwarming story of the trials and tribulations of a 'damaged' young girl from Birmingham who is enlisted in the Women's Land Army during WW2 by her mother. She hopes her daughter will be safe from the bombing and that she may gain self confidence by mixing with an eclectic group of women on a farm in the Warwickshire countryside. 

Paperback & Kindle Now on Amazon!

Shakespeare - The Hathaway Perspective
A must for anyone wanting to discover Shakespeare at a leisurely pace, uncluttered with a myriad of facts, names and dates, this punchy and graphic account of the playwright told in her own words by his wife Anne, paints a simple canvas for all to enjoy. A notional and exciting journal which blows existing pompous conjecture to pieces, telling of more likely accounts of such milestones as his lost years as a youth and young man, his marriage of convenience, his love of another woman, his association with Marlowe and Jonson and his reasons for changing his will prior to his premature death in Stratford. An insight into the world’s first drama cooperative as they found huge success in the sixteenth century English Renaissance.